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stop pls is a shortened phrase of "stop please"

pls became a thing when the internet got impatient, (Because who wants to write a full sentence when that generic, helpless, level 1 enemy is in the distance?!) and shortened words, but still making them understandable, like bcuz, ur, and fgt. (Because, Your, and Faggot)

stop pls has also become a meme, usually paired with a snapshot of Will Smith mild-ly weeping, or a photo that has a thing that could be paired with the phrase.
Player 1 : "ur getting raided nird"
Player 2 : "stop pls"
Player 1 : oke sorri xddd"
by Generic Pseydonym March 3, 2017
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A phrase used by anyone who knows it. which displays a "I don't care, but i do at the same time" feel when its said.
The X can be replaced with anything, but depending on what X is changes "what" and "means", if its a person, it would instead be "who" and "is".
Usually saying this phrase, they put on a depressed tone and slur their words, specifically "sounds", and "disappointing". Usually said like : "Soounds Disappoooointingg..."
I don't know what X means, but it sounds disappointing.
1. Hey, meet my friend Bob!
2. I don't know who Bob is, but it sounds disappointing...
1. Try this food!
2. I don't know what food means, but it sounds disappointing ...
by Generic Pseydonym January 9, 2017
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The word OP stands for 3 things,
1. Original Poster
2. Over Powered
3. Over Protective

Original Poster is used in Online message boards and forums.
Over Powered means something is insanely good, and better than most things, usually a META (Urban Dictionary it.)
Over Protective means if someone or something is being really protective of something
1. "God, this post is so OP. DISSSLIKE!"
3. "Dad, you're being OP again. pls stop."
by Generic Pseydonym February 27, 2017
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