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The act of Masturbation while watching a love film or watching multiple at the same time.
"Man I had such a good Myles Gibson last night."
"The Myles Gibson is so good."
by Gary p August 26, 2015

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A word to describe someone who pleases women at the expense of his masculinity. He will often be called gay, but that doesn't phase him as long as he gets attention. Hardware store is along the same lines as tool, tool bag, and tool shed, but to a much greater extreme.
The term hardware store within itself has two separate degrees of toolness. First is Home Depot, which is basically your average hardware store advertising how much wood it as. The second is known as Hechinger. Yes, Hechinger went out of business six years ago, but because it went out of business, women can walk right in and take whatever they desire. There is absolutely no hesitation.
Suzie: "Billy told me he dreams about penises. I laughed so hard and really wanted to have sex with him."
Jimmy: "Now, now, Suzie. Billy is clearly a hardware store."
by Gary P February 23, 2006

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The act of wishing you are Japanese and wanting to fuck anime characters very very very very hard. Also not showering and wanting to become the best osu player in the world.
Man i hate Adam he is such a Connor Moon
by Gary p November 13, 2016

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