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the motor code, VQ is the series, 35 is the liter (3.5L) and DE means DUEL OVERHEAD CAMS. The stock motor in Infinite G35 and Nissan 350Z (Fairlady Z)
Nissan made a good choice by putting a VQ35de in the G35 AND 350Z
by garrett+jeff=love April 04, 2005
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Redneck. Just look at something and go ebeh. Not a bad thing, quite a good thing.
Metallica is wicked ebeh.
That lifted truck was ebeh.
by garrett+jeff=love January 02, 2008
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Vagina sucking lips, kind of like DSL (Dick sucking lips) but opposite.
Amanda says I have DSL, but it really means VSL.
by garrett+jeff=love April 20, 2008
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From What I Hear

Used in texting and instant messaging.
Dude: She's preggo
Girl: Really? How do you know?
Dude: FWIH.
by garrett+jeff=love February 22, 2008
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The sound a clam makes when under water. Also used to call someone a clam.
That kid Mark is such a blub.
by garrett+jeff=love October 23, 2008
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