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While performing cunnilingus on a woman, exhale profusely, proceed to wrap your physical lips over her lower lips (mouth over labia). Proceed to inhale as hard as you can to create an extreme suction of the female genitalia. Rinse and repeat this process to increase female stimulation. Increased volume of vagina sucking will eventually lead to intense female orgasm.
Steve: Yo, you're gay!
Joe: Oh yeah?
Steve: Yeah bro! You mad?
Joe: Nah, I totally was vagina sucking your girlfriend and your mom walked in, and i sucked her vagina too!
Steve: What?!?!?!?
by fatninja2031 February 22, 2012
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when a man starts sucking on a girls vagina until she has a very horny large orgasmic moan
i was vagina sucking chris'ss mom last night so go that she doesnt have any cum left inside her
by Harry Penis February 13, 2007
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