7 definitions by Ganga

A pussy that tastes both sweet and tangy.
I was sugar high after eating out that sweet tart.
by Ganga June 23, 2005
A man with a huge lingam. Derived from the Kama Sutra.
No, I don't like horse back riding, but I would love to ride a horse.
by Ganga June 23, 2005
Referrs to the sexual organs of the vegan human. They really do taste better.
by Ganga June 23, 2005
Sucking your man's dick while he while he's relaxing or sleeping.
I wanted a bonin' so I gave him a lazy boy to get it goin'.
by Ganga June 23, 2005
Cum, skeet, man jam, jiz, honey dew...referring to the sexual secretions of the male or female human.
The closet vegan asked, "Where do you get your protein."

I replied, "I get more than enough protein from my favorite food.
by Ganga June 23, 2005
An ethnic group of people living in Botswana who traditionally live by hunting and foraging. In recent years their land has been stolen by the government of Botswana and sold as diamond mines. The rate of AIDS and alcoholism since their relocation is astounding. The Bushmen are becoming victims of genocide and greed.
Did three months of your salary contribute to wiping out the Bushmen? The Bushmen are the real Gems in this world.
by Ganga June 26, 2005