6 definitions by Ganderschplaf the Gray

The amount of money each person spends annually just to keep up with new technology
Guy 1: Man, I spent $850 last year on just the new iPhone and its attachments!
Guy 2: Yeah man, that's the Apple Tax for you.
by Ganderschplaf the Gray December 9, 2016
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An acronym, most commonly used in the gaming world, for Most Effective Tactic Available.
Guy 1: Dude, Assassins are so in the meta right now.
Guy 2: Rito plz nerf ;_;
by Ganderschplaf the Gray November 23, 2015
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One who graduates from an inner city school.
Plural: hoodlumni
They said he'd never graduate. They said he was a good for nothing hooligan, but they were wrong. Joe's a hoodlum now!
by Ganderschplaf the Gray November 18, 2020
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1: A dwarvish laugh in a descending tone with the sound 'nyip nyip nyip' or 'nyerp nyerp nyerp', starting with a high pitched 'nyip' or 'nyerp'.
2: An enormous penis
3: The act of ejactulation.
1: Over a glass of meade, it's always nice to unwind and ganderschplaf with friends.
2: When I pulled out my ganderschplaf she couldn't help but feel intimidated.
by Ganderschplaf the Gray October 31, 2015
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To suffer a painful death

Past tense: died agonally
Gerund: dying agonally
Stay 6 feet away from me! I don't want to diagonally!
by Ganderschplaf the Gray November 18, 2020
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v. To thump one squarely in the nose
n. A square thump to the nose

The metric of a powerful yonk lies not in the force behind the blow, but in how yonked the recipient feels.
To feel yonked is to feel put in one's place.
Christ delivered the squarest and mightiest yonk when He put sin squarely in its place.

Richard, in the name of the weed that killed Tupac I will yonk you for this!
by Ganderschplaf the Gray December 2, 2018
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