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An emote that is used on twitch with FrankerFaceZ, which looks like 4Head with 2 broken teeth. The emote is usually being spammed when someone with funny American/ English accent appearing on stream.
AMERICAN PEOPLE:I LOVE MERICA AND GUNS KKonaFAT and what is this 1Head emote?
Twitch chat: ITS YOU LULW
by Gamer1344 October 8, 2020
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A Twitch emotes used for when Americans show up because they are fat and only like guns and also is just a stupid 3rd world country. America was owned by Denmark.
I'm an American, and I eat burgers every day. KKona
by Gamer1344 October 31, 2020
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Sigma, an amazing bypassing client for the Hypixel gamer server, and other Minecraft servers.
This is a epic gamer moment.

A client where you don't spend 50$ on outdated shit, but only 9.99$.
And there is also a free version of the client.
(Minecraft player) BRO! ARE YOU CHEATING????1!1! etrtt E5WTUYETYUHW
(Sigma Player) I USE SIGMA!
(Minecraft player) OOOOOH... THE SIGMA CLIENT??!111?
(Sigma Player) YES!
(Minecraft player) DO YOU HAVE SIGMA PREMIUM?
(Sigma Player) NO, BUT MY FRIEND DOES.
by Gamer1344 September 7, 2019
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