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I believe it is an evolving word that dances about on its slang usages, and has somewhat different nuanced meanings depending on the context.

From the running social zeitgeist, it would described it as modern hipsters referring to a person being described has been enlightened or having just discovered some politically Progressive 'truth' about society or the oppression and class status of marginalized people, and the obligation to treat them as extra-special/revered in society.

And understand that it is almost always used non-ironically/seriously only by political Progressives, so when Conservatives or Libertarians use it it mostly to poke fun at the others' usage of it.
After having taking classes in Minority Studies, and seen the hidden oppressions of African American, he became woke to the seriousness of their plight, and dedicated himself to be aware of it and understand they live in a different world than White people.
by GTrieste March 12, 2018

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A word play phrase that phonetically translates into "Let Us Pray"
Lettuce spray for those who sin.
by GTrieste July 20, 2016

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