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In reference to someone's job that is considered to be the "good life" or they do very little for the amount they get paid.
She does absolutely nothing all day and gets paid for it. That is definitely a Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels.
by Frosty2073 March 05, 2006

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a biscuit with a food stamp in the middle
Those people went to the welfare office to get their checks and West Virginia fortune cookies
by Frosty2073 January 22, 2006

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When a woman bends over and her legs do not touch at the top and you can see her pussy lips under her ass cheeks.
When Nikki bent over and the sun blared through the window, you could tell she had no panties on...because you could see her beautiful moon pie.
by Frosty2073 June 11, 2006

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a female who has large pussy lips
Richard went down on Deb only to discover she had some major meat curtains. But he went in face first anyways.
by Frosty2073 January 22, 2006

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