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a HOTT way of saying I love you. Insert dick into pussy and hump!
I opened my door one day, exhausted from working at McDonalds for 10 hours (dont judge) and my girlfriends sitting on the counter. We had never had sex before. She looks at me and simply says 'im ready'. Im grinned with excitement. I spread out her legs (her clothes still on) and stood in between them. I brushed my fingers through her long wavy black hair. She began frenching, so did I. I picked her up, with her legs still wrapped around my waist, and brought her into our bedroom. She stood against the wall and I held her. I began to pull down her skirt, then I unbuttoned her blouse. Every button that I did, she seemed to become more horny. Once Her Over-clothes were off, I began too work at her bra. She began to get impatient. She pushed me onto the bed and wipped off her bra and panties faster that I could say 'sexy'. I took off my clothes as well. Instead of getting ontop of me (which was what I expected), She went straight for my dick. She began sucking it and licking until it was hard. She then got up and went face to the wall, bent over, put her hands on the wall, spread her legs, and told me too come. I did as my lover requested. I got on my knees and began licking her clit I stuck my tounge into her wet pussy as far as it would go. She was moaning loudly by then. I stood up and began shoving my hard 6-inch dick into her pussy. I starting cumming and she moaned even louder. Then we got on the bed and I said "69". She understood me imediently. She Began licking my hard dick and balls, and I Stuck my warm fingers into her Pussy, then my tounge. Then I pulled her from my dick and lay on top of her. I began licking and sucking at her cold tits. By this time she was screaming "Josh, oh my gawd Josh, Harder" I began sucking her tits harder, and at the same time I put my dick into her pussy.

By the end, she was satisfied, and I was simply exhausted. We went too sleep quickly.

The next week she came downstairs and looked at me with a grin on her face. She said, "It happened, im pregnant" I hugged her with joy, and I proposed.
Then the whole thing started over again.**
by FreakyWierdo97 July 09, 2009
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