9 definitions by Foobear

How you define something that isn't currently defined. Kind of to give a more accurate description.
I got raped...prison style.
He got caught with his pants down...Clinton style.
He waved that baby over the balcony 40 stories up...Jackson style.
by Foobear December 26, 2003
an avatar used to expressed the sudden and drastic change from a positive situation to a negative. usually expressed when the brain has calculated the intense feelings of negativity but the body hasn't quite caught on yet.
you just won a million dollars! \(^__^)/
however, you owe 32 million in back taxes \(.__.)/
by Foobear February 14, 2004
synonymn for stupid
j00 stupit
by Foobear February 14, 2004
correctly quoted as "What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything" in the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. it was proposed by philosophers to the great computer "Deep Thought". long story short the answer is 42.
by Foobear February 14, 2004
Someone who is a foo (fool) and a beast (someone who's nether regions surpass that of a bears, and it resembles more of a mythical hairy beast). See also Foobear. It can also be pronounced foobeas' in ebonics.
that girl's not a foobear...SHES A FOOBEAST!
by Foobear February 14, 2004
dont forget to wear your pelvic poncho when its raining HIV outside.
by Foobear February 15, 2004
someone who is both a gimp and a cripple.
that girl looks HELLA gimpled!
by Foobear February 14, 2004