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another way of saying yeah, but in a funny way, a way my mate's dad says it.
me: that's great isn't it?
him: oh yhiah!
by FlossmanJr April 4, 2017
The smooth operator of rock'n'roll. The man had a distinct smooth voice who was well known for his songs Addicted to Love, Doctor Doctor and Simply Irresistible, but was much more than that, lesser known songs like She Makes My Day, Housework and more recently TV Dinners (his live version on YouTube is awesome and addictive to watch). Robert unfortunately died of a heart attack in 2003.
Robert Palmer: I didn't mean to turn you on.
Lady watching: He does turn me on, he's so handsome.
by FlossmanJr April 4, 2017
A big wog bloke who played the main villain in Days of Our Lives for many years. He was a funny bastard who had a distinct whisky soaked and cigarette voice. He croaked a little while back.
John Black: Stefano Dimera's back in town (in Salem, the ficticious town in Days of Our Lives).
by FlossmanJr April 4, 2017
Maths teacher at Kingscliff high school whose real name is mr Lloyd
Soidy lloydy sent me out of the classroom for 2 weeks
by FlossmanJr March 19, 2020