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Poop Back and Fourth

Activity in which a participant channels a bowel movement into another participant's anus. The receiving party can then proceed to push the recently moved fæces back into the initiator's anus. This can be repeated to taste.

Distinctly different from defecation fetish, pooBaF is an act of love used to achieve arousal of sublime interconnectedness. In addition, it is used as a symbolic ritual or celebratory prayer of remembrance for the now fallen brotherhood betwixt human and earth / animal and god.
Popularized by artists Nancy Harrington and aRy.

< )) >
< (( >
) <> (
)) <> ((
Care for a warm pooBaF and wine before bed? We can listen to Peter Cetera and read comics during... ))<>(( .forever.
by FlintShrubwood November 11, 2006

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911 truth symbol.

Designed for streamlined spray application. Popularized by artist aRy.

In practice, the graffiti is written quickly by combining the top stroke of the number 1 with the slash of the t. Additionally, the t-shaft is elongated vertically so it rises erectly above the 91, enhancing the composition.

Used to muster morale and conjure militial feelings in people in order to expose the real criminals behind the tragedy in New York City, USA on September 11, 2001 A.D.
Did you see the 91t writings on the wall? No? Then you are blind.
by FlintShrubwood November 09, 2006

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a nice ass attached to a butterface or brown bagger for which the beer goggles and beer boner are needed to keep it from being a badonkadont

not the same as beer booty
bitch got beerdonkadonk, so i put dat ass on a side burner
by FlintShrubwood November 10, 2006

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