When someone poops into someone elses butt-hole, and then they poop it back into their butt-hole, with the same poop. Forever.
"Like I'll poop into her butt-hole. And then she'll poop it back... into my butt... hole. And then we'll just keep doing it back and forth. With the same poop. Forever." Poop back and forth.
by Ben & Milkey April 12, 2006
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When one person poops into another person's butthole, and that person poops back into the original person's butthole. They then continue this, back and forth with the same poop.
Here is a picture of pooping back and forth... ))<>((
by K Page January 8, 2008
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When two people line their assholes up facing each other, and one poops into the others asshole, and then the other person poops right back into the first asshole, and this goes back and forth for as long as they want.
Bob: "Me and this girl poop back and forth regularly"

Mike: "Holy shit, does it hurt?"

Bob: "It felt like I kept sitting in mud"
by Mjriedl October 31, 2011
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when one person poops in their partners ass and then their partner poops into theirs and the sequense is repeated
Jack and Jill used to Poop back and forth for hours till jack started to stink.
by Beefkakes April 22, 2006
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The action of leaving a social gathering under the pretence of needing to check on something urgently, but really it's because you need to poop in the comfort of your own home.
She'll poop back home to check on the dog.
He pooped back home to check he hadn't left the hob on
by idiot99 June 20, 2019
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