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Similar in many respects to the badonkadonk, except that you really dont wanna be tappin that shit. That ass has got some serious stank and would eat your dick alive! Now dont get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a guy who like a nice big juciy ass on his hoes. But a badonkadont is of ball crushing proportions, and is also commonly attached to chicks who have enough jiggly folds in their skin that you could probably fuck. To put it simply badonkadont = baaaaaaaaad shit dayum!
"Hey what do you think of her?"
"Dude are you serious? Did you forget to put ur contacts in this morning? She is so big I think she could eat you, like just open up and swallow you whole, not that she open up and swallow anyways if you asked her probably. And thats definately a badonkadont if i ever saw one. There are seriously some semi's with less junk in their trunk!"
"Damn man what was I thinking?"
"You were probably just craving an entire butterball turkey all at once."
by grapejuice March 01, 2007
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A fat chick who wears short shorts or other tight, revealing clothing because she's convinced that she's hot. Feels the need to "strut her stuff," when really she's just making everyone around her queasy. A play on the word "badonkadonk."
Guy 1: Hey, you see that nasty girl over there in the tube top and hot pants? That's a major badonkadon't.
Guy 2: That's my mother.
Guy 1: ..............
by BabyFireflyyy July 06, 2009
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