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A LiveJournal user who exudes the ultimate in contrived humor in an attempt to feel internet-loved. Once took a month leave from the intarnet just so he could try to convince his intarweb chums that he turned born-again Christian. rfjason's antics are usually void of lulz.

see: loser, ugly, fugly, pug-fugly,
'Damn, homey! Haven't seen you on this ages'
'Yeah, I was sick with a nasty flu.'
'Thought you went all 'rfjason' on my ass!'
by Flaza February 01, 2005
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one of the sexiest ljers in the world. however,there is great dispute over his sexuality causing many livejournal women great distress.
rfjason is the livejournal secks.
by ellz bellz November 29, 2004
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