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A woman who does not take care of her female region. May result from improper hygiene, lack of common sense, or pure laziness. Can also happen after becoming extremely wet and the vaginal area becomes crusty.
I was messin' around with my girl and we were back on the ragdag. When we woke up in the morning she had some sapvag fever. I told her to get in the shower.

I think I'm going to give up drinking, I met this hagbag at the bar last night. I went down on her but pealing her labia apart was like trying to pry into a mussel. She had the sapvag for sure.

Dude that is one trick ass ho, I know she has the sapvag.
by Firework Master December 7, 2009
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To have sex with a woman while she is menstruating.
"I cannot believe that girl took Joe home last night, I know she was on her cycle. Lets hope she at least ragdagged with him in the shower."

"Dude, I got some eazy cuddy last night, chic was on the rag- so I knew she was down for anything. I just busted out a camping tarp and laid it down on my bed."
by Firework Master March 6, 2009
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A woman at a bar who is there for the sole purpose of getting dick. Usually an unattractive female who buys copious amounts of drinks for anyone willing to talk.
"Do you see that girl over there in the mini skirt with her meat flaps hanging out, lets see if Elliot falls for her."

"I woke up this morning not remembering parts of last night and with an extremely unattractive woman, I got hagbagged for sure."

by Firework Master March 6, 2009
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A jagbag could be a friend dependent upon what context it's used in. It could also be used as an insult.
Word was derived from the combination of jagons featured in South Park. The episode was with earth as a reality TV show. The other portion of this word comes from a beer called Jaguar Ice with a black jaguar with florescent green eyes.
What's up ya jagbag, how ya been?
That jagbag slashed my tires.
What the fuck is that jagbag doin' with my woman? I'm gonna slash his fuckin' tires, that cock sucker.
by Firework Master February 9, 2009
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when someone cheats on your girl, steals your fireworks, liquor, cigarettes, or disrespects you in any form.
"What the fuck is that hodag cock smoker doing? I saw him slash my tires after he drove his car through my fence. Maybe he should get his own woman."
by Firework Master February 12, 2009
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When you are having vaginal intercourse and insert your nuts one by one into the anus. After you successfully insert each nut you go WHERE'S WALDO BITCH?
Aye you fuckin' Hodag cock smoker, I saw you messing around with my woman!
Yeah, what are you gonna do about it, I Where's Waldo'd her ass, literally.

You mother fucker, I'm gonna shambag your car!
by Firework Master December 2, 2009
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When a woman (or man) is suck your dick while on their knees. The person who is not smiling like a donut (the one receiving) spreads their nut sack onto the persons neck and proceeds to make a turkey noise.
Dude my girl was giving me head on Thanksgiving and that's the only reason I think I got away with the Wild Turkey Gobbler.

What the Fuck is the Wild Turkey Gobbler?
Get down on your knees and SMILE LIKE A DONUT and I'll show you. Gobble gobble fucker
by Firework Master December 2, 2009
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