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A different, cute name for turtle. Used for expressing one's love for turtles.
I love you twutle!
by FirePhoenix March 01, 2010
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Travian is strategy-based game who's is almost as populated with noobs as Runescape. It's working it's way up to being as bad as any gay online game. It requires you to play it all day/night so more "experienced" players can farm you for resources. It requires you to buy "Gold" with real money so you can be "tough ass with lots of resources"
Newbie Travian player: Hi guys, i'm new here, how do you play this game?
N00b Travian player: fk u noob
Experienced Travian player: Tell me where are you, i will help you.(When he's actually planing to farm you for resources)
by FirePhoenix April 08, 2010
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