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The triangle formed between the vulva and closed thighs of a standing woman who is neither too thick nor too thin. Perfection in what is known as a "girlgap" or just "gap", a thiangle cannot be achieved by skinny-legged girls because their gap goes all the way down to the knees. It cannot be achieved by thick-thighed girls because when they close their legs there is no space at all.
Rocco stuck his dick through Sasha's thiangle, forming a thighpussy, or vathighna.
by Fire Me Hotly June 17, 2009
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1. British slang for head, skull

2. A wild sweet cherry (Prunus avium) often used as grafting stock; a very hard wood
Cassio told Montano he'd knock him over the mazzard if he didn't bacdafucup, but he kept fucking with him so Cassio knocked out his brains.
by Fire Me Hotly September 11, 2009
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n., a used car gifted to a college student but that formerly belonged to a formerly living relative. Easily recognizable by its vast size and American make. Originated at the University of Virginia in the 90's. Also known as "dead relative", "dead grandpa", or "dead uncle".
Josh, your 1985 Lincoln Town Car is clearly a dead grandma. It takes up 2 spaces in the dorm parking lot and smells of thanatopsis.
by Fire Me Hotly May 27, 2009
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