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1.Possibly the only reason my cousins come over now and why we see them so frequently, as well as our fruit bowl which they gladly take advantage of. They really need to get their own Xbox and Halo 2 game.
2. The sequel to Halo:Combat Evolved.
3. Is one of the greatest games ever and is the reason I get up early on holiday mornings so I can play it more.
4. The game before Halo 3 which will be the fastest selling video game in the universe. Much like the seventh Harry Potter book which everyone will have a copy of in a matter of minutes.
Phone rings.

Cousins: Can we come over today?
Me: You just want to play Halo 2 again don't you?
Cousins: Well, we do like your fruit bowl too, we don't get pears at home.
Me: Well, seeing as we've seen you almost everyday for the easter holidays, my mum is now used to seeing you. Repeatedly.
Cousins: YAY!

Mum: I've just come back from shopping.I have the real grapes, and the decoy grapes for when they come over.....
by Fiona Hildred April 12, 2007

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1.Not quite a kilo, not quite a litre. Something I said in maths when the teacher accidently typed in kitre instead of litre for this weird online maths thing.

2. Coincidentally, a litre of something that also has enough density to weigh a kilo.

"Oi! Cecil! Pass a kitre of that dodgy milkshake will ya?"
by Fiona Hildred October 14, 2007

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