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is an acronym for Love You To Pieces or Luv Ya 2 Pieces. It's what I say to my closest friends and relatives in TMs and emails. A loving sign of affection for your closest buds. As good as, if not better than, I heart U.
I've known and respected you for years, that's why I say LYTP when I sign my letters. Can you believe Todd told Ginger LYTP in that email?!?
by Filamena C June 17, 2008
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(noun)(verb)(adj) The act of giving a gift out of your collection of gifts received previously usually stuff you don't like or can't use or unwanted items. Good for any occasion. Term coined by Kelly Ripa on Live with Regis and Kelly.
Regift(s), -ing.
I regifted the crockpot Kelly gave me last fall to Linda.
I am the queen of regifting. That book has made it around New York City all though the regift process. My aunt, who is in her 80's, never regifts even though she has an attic full to the rafters. Look out, it's a regift!
by Filamena C May 26, 2008
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What a casual relationship might end up as for the guy. The male part of the fertilization process. See sperm donor
That bio dad has 4 other kids by 4 other chicks.
by Filamena C June 17, 2008
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(n.) Internet activity, user interface everything you do from the time you open your browser, ISP until you close it, not necessarily shutting down or logging off, just exiting the information superhighway the worldwideweb, WWW.
My netivity included 26 sites and 3 downloads. At most public libraries, your netivity is free of charge. Sheena lent Paul her notebook for his netivity the day before.
by Filamena C May 26, 2008
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When people start saying "see you next year" the last week of December right up until the 31st at 11:59.
On Dec. 26th, Sam said to Dave, See you next year.
Dave replied to Sam, "Did you just Pre-new year ejaculate me?"
by Filamena C January 07, 2010
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