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What it really means is, your not very good at that are you?
Using also words like b0><><0r5 and r0><><0r5, you can string together a really cool and leet sentence (like below), woo!
Your b0><><0r5 of r0><><0r5 5u><><0r5 (that box of rocks that you have there is a bit crap isn't it? Darling?)
by Fiffles August 16, 2004

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A cake made of cheese, cheese and cake...cheese and cake...if it wasn't already an established dessert, would you eat it? Would you? No i thought not...unless you happen to be a goat...

(in the same way that carrot cake is wrong, a vegetable cake?)
"want some cheesecake?"
"WHAT!??!? Cheese...in cake?...
...oh go on then"
by Fiffles August 16, 2004

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