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Stands for "Get Amongst it". Is a relatively recent fad used by Australian medical student societies to try and get their fellow students interested in going to events and involved in activities. Unfortunately for them the majority of students find this acronym cliquey and lame.
"Yeh just GAI!" (gee-ay-eye)
::rolleyes:: "Get amongst what? It? WTF is it?"
by fiddlestix July 29, 2012

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A mysterious and slow moving yet quick witted female fixed on hanging around basically anywhere to get the attention of males the male species in order to make them her sex slave
Aw man I got caught in that sexy treesloth and her slow seduction again bro!
by Fiddlestix June 13, 2014

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A jackass who can't drive if there life depended on it.
Haha he's from Indiana, no explanation needed.
by FiddleStix April 27, 2011

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