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n. Slang for Skinhead. Member of the working class. Often dressed in combat boots, jeans, bomber jacket. Shaved head. Violent at times.
Did you see that skin at the bar?! I wouldn't wanna mess with him!
by FeudalWarlord January 10, 2006

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v. Often used in MMORPG's to indicate the action of being defeated by a single attack.
This noob tried to gank me, so I turned around and one-shotted him!!
by FeudalWarlord January 14, 2006

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n. A bounty hunter from Star Wars : Episode 4. Strange blue-green creature with antennas and big bug eyes. Obviously impoverished. Wore bright orange vest. Shot by Han Solo in a bar.
Han Solo believed Greedo was trying to take rob him. In reality, Greedo was simply too poor to afford food and was asking for something to eat.
by FeudalWarlord January 11, 2006

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