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A slothenly woman that has let herself go. Mostly seen sitting on the couch consuming someone else’s food and using their phone. Probably has no self esteem and is too lazy to do anything for herself. On the verge of needing life support in order to continue breathing.
Hey you slack mole get off your ass and do something useful.

Jezz if that slack mole is still on the couch I’ll be pissed
by Ferret March 21, 2005
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Young good looking girl, someone that all the guys are sniffing around.
Hey Beech have you seen that snifda out at reception.

Johnny put that snifda down she is too young for you!
by Ferret March 22, 2005
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To get heat over something you have done or be reprimanded severely from someone.
I am going to cop a bake from the boss over missing that reporting deadline line last week.
Gezz that guy in the warehouse screwed up again, He is going to cop a bake when I see him.
by ferret June 25, 2009
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A mathmatical function that solves any math problem regardless of what step you're at. With the Cogao, the answer is normally 0, 1, or undefined
Yeah, that Physics test raped me. I just used the Cogao to get half the problems
by Ferret December 29, 2002
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Used to describe a situation that is “fucked”.
Person 1 “I have to babysit this weekend because I owe my sister a favour. “ Person 2 oh That's nowhere.
Alternatively: Person 1 “I can’t get the money together to go out tonight” Person 2 “You’re nowhere”
by ferret June 25, 2009
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The burning remains or area left after an act of burninating (v). Usually referred to with the actions of a Trogdor. See Dragon.
then Trodgor Smote the Kerrek, and all was lain to burnination.
by Ferret June 06, 2003
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Used by girls often when they see a man with large muscles
That mans ripped
by Ferret June 28, 2003
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