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Intercourse that happens inside a car, truck, van, or any type of motor vehicle (space permitting). When administered correctly, it is possibly the best sex you could ever have.
"I had car sex the other day with my boyfriend, Neill and it was amazing! I came like 9 times!"
by Fenix_451 May 12, 2009

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n. A cross of the words math and magical. Can be used when you have a math epiphany, or to describe a feat that could only be accomplished with math (like architecture or a highly strategic game of billiards.)
Looking up at the Parthenon filled me with a mathical feeling.

When I figured out number fourteen on the Algebra quiz, it was mathical!
by fenix_451 March 05, 2010

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An obnoxious person who stands in front of you when you're in a rush and takes forever to read whatever whimsical graphic tee you happen to be wearing that day out loud to you (as if you didn't know what your fucking shirt said).
Neill: I was late to Biology the other day, and to make matters worse, some shirt-reader got in my way and took forever to read my Jesus shirt to me.
Kristy: Which one?
Neill: The one that says BRB.
Kristy: Douche.
by Fenix_451 November 22, 2009

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