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Grotesque slang for particularly large labia majora.
She's got poutflaps.
by Fat Brewer November 03, 2009

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Particularly foul word for condom.
"Don't go raw deal, don a sex nappy"
by Fat Brewer November 03, 2009

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an absolutely disgusting phrase for vaginal discharge.
i don't think i'm capable of publicly using the phrase snatch custard, it's too disgusting.
by fat brewer January 23, 2010

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Street slang for 'peer pressure' which utilises a medical pun.
A: "Blud, you want some pills?"
B: "umm, not really sure boi"
A: "go on son, it's well safe"
B: "aight then blud, safe"

*shit man, i'm only doin this cos of Blud Pressure*
by fat brewer November 16, 2009

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The misguided belief that it is possible to love someone regardless of what they might do or say. This is of course impossible without the accompanying sense resentment, as can be experienced in family life.
I love her unconditionally, however i do also have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach every time i tell her, ah well, that's unconditional love for you
by fat brewer November 04, 2009

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