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a man performing a sexual act upon a woman.
oh my god he's totally jelming that chick

how was last night? i jelmed my girlfriend twice

that guy jelmed me and never called me
by FarOutDadio November 17, 2009
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a man seeing that someone he knows might be getting it on with a nice looking lady, waits for him to head to the toilet or the bar and then swoops in to take that lady for his own.
i saw you with a really hot girl last night...

yeah man, she was with ryan before, massive jelmerception...
by FarOutDadio November 21, 2009
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once a lady has been jelmed by a man she will undoubtedly form an emotional attachment to him. this can result in her following him to the place where he works or even to where he lives and calling him at all hours of the day. a lady with such a mindset can be said to be rather jelmotional
hey man that italian looking chick has been in here every night this week looking for you.

in know man. shes gotten pretty jelmotional recently
by FarOutDadio November 27, 2009
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