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A small city in Northern Minnesota situated on Lake Bemidji, surrounded by woods, lakes, casinos, and Native American reservations. Bemidji is simultaneously both a charming family friendly tourist town with the local attraction being a statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, and extremely ghetto, as it has a high population of druggies and homeless people. It also boasts an extremely high crime rate. Being centrally located in the middle of nowhere in Northern Minnesota, it is really cold in Bemidji during the Winter and the local population typically likes to call it "Brrrmidji". Bemidji is also home to Bemidji State University, a small university that has a reputation for being a party school, but epically fails at living up to that standard. BSU has six main selling points..
1. Above Average hockey
2. Being situated directly on a lake
3. Being cheap
4. Did I mention it's on a lake?

5. It strives to be eco-friendly.
6. See point 2.

Tips if visiting Bemidji for the first time....
1. Avoid Walmart at all costs. Just trust me.
2. Do not visit in the Winter. You car probably won't start and you will be stuck until it warms up in May.

3. Eat at as many restaurants as possible, as Bemidji has a lot of nice places to eat out at.
4. Go fishing.

5. Take a picture with Paul and Babe
"Bemidji gets a lot of hate, but its alright"
by FansoftheStallion March 02, 2019

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The process or act of an already known hoe doing something especially sexual, permiscious, scandalous, or "hoe-ish" either in person or on social media, often via Instagram or Snapchat. This is done to seek guys' attention and to let them know she is open and available to sexual advances.
Dude 1- "Did you see her latest Instagram post? She is just trying to get attention."

Dude-2 "Yeah, she is definitely big hoeing."
by FansoftheStallion October 24, 2019

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