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A patch of hair found on a persons buttocks.
His butt muff tickles my nose, but at least it keeps my lips warm.
by Faloola K Cheezy December 08, 2010
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When a girl eats out a guys butt hole and does a reach around at the same time, this is a "tropical trombone".
She got behind him and proceeded to give him a tropical trombone, thus pleasing him from both sides.
by Faloola K Cheezy May 15, 2010
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Something or someone that is especially frumpy.
Wow, look at her! That long flowing skirt combined with those sensible shoes and the rest of her matronly look is quite frumptastic!
by Faloola K Cheezy January 25, 2011
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A slightly nauseous, overall "blah" feeling.
"Ugh, I feel...gurpy".
by Faloola K Cheezy November 17, 2010
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