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Bell go ding ding ding
Her: I bet he’s thinking of other girls
Him:Haha bell go ding ding ding
by FakeNotReall100Ninja May 27, 2020

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Lukundo is a epic gamer who everyone loves and is also top shagger. He will steal your wife along with your Lamborghini but he you will still love him because he is so cool, he might turn you gay but he is not gay.
A:dam lukundo took you wife and your Lamborghini.
B:I know
A:you gonna let that happen?
A:well yea he is pretty cool
by FakeNotReall100Ninja April 27, 2020

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And absolute cunt and should be burned by Donald trump. Is flat af
A:is that Ollie heulin?
B:yea but who said it was pancake day?
by FakeNotReall100Ninja April 27, 2020

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What else did you expect I meant he’s literally been in the news for noncing kids some would call him Steven tries
A:fuck it that nonce Oliver Heulin

B:Yea isn’t he like Steven tries cousin?
A:nah probably his dad
by FakeNotReall100Ninja April 28, 2020

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