3 definitions by FailboatsCursedSoldier414

A name you can use to mention one of Failboats corrupted fans.
Look it's a Smug Failure spreading chaos with a smug look on his face.

The Smug Failure will bring chaos upon this cursed land.
by FailboatsCursedSoldier414 January 4, 2021
1) Someone who appears behind you without being heard

2) Someone who is like a ninja
1) Bob is called a shadow because of how he sneaks up on people

2) Alice appears and disappears like a shadow
by FailboatsCursedSoldier414 October 4, 2022
That’s the Xtreme team over there. They’re so cool, they spell xtreme without the e on front. If you want to be xtreme you have to be X-rated (xtreme rated)
by FailboatsCursedSoldier414 June 18, 2021