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1) The doller sign without the ||
2) Superman letter
everybody lookin at me like I got a S on my chest
by Fab January 23, 2004

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Homosexual person usually linked to aviation
I say. Bertie is in the hanger eyeing up Charles again....... Poor show, he's a bit of a tailgunner.
by Fab July 16, 2003

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Soup stirred with a chog to add flavour.

*see chog
-I'll have the chog soup special

-Not chog soup again!
by Fab August 08, 2004

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A fat stuby small dick
Man, that motherfucker is banging that bitch with his chog
by Fab January 31, 2004

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Colossal or Mammoth (huge is a weak descriptor)! A very large item or quantity of an item. Can be used to describe one's johnny.
Wow that is one gantor flesh flute you are wielding!
by FAB April 30, 2003

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This gal is from the ghetto london, but her heart is at south end, yah! She speak southendian YAH! Know not 2 mess wit her or Fabalunda, or they's be after U!!!
Watch it, this girl gets respect....its alva abercrombie, YAH!
by Fab March 06, 2005

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young nigga
holla back young'n
by Fab January 23, 2004

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