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A forum moderator that bans people for unfounded reasons.
That mod is ban-happy
by EvilWall November 02, 2004

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1. A person or group of people that exclaims "crap" whenever something goes wrong.

2. A person that spouts information that has been ether proven wrong or that has no relevance to a given conversation.

3. Referance to the cartoon
"Sealab2021" in witch Alvis calls Captain Murphy a "Crap Screamer"
1. They say John is a crap screamer.

2. Would you stop spamming these forums you crap screamer.
by EvilWall October 30, 2004

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1. Typicly a moderator on a forum that is ban-happy. Takes Terms Of Use to literally. Bans people and deletes threads for no appearent reason.

2. A loser typicly middle aged and living with parents. Most live in Canada. Belives in own personal code of justice on the internet.
1. I got banned by a Red Phoenix....bumber

2. Who are you to Judge me, you damn Red Phoenix.
by EvilWall November 02, 2004

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