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Portmanteau word combining grim and dismal.
Refers to something especially a performance so poor as to give no hope for future improvement.
"What did you think of the team tonight Harry?".
"Grismal mate, fucking grismal".
by Eschatonic March 18, 2010
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Verb meaning to unreasonably promote the achievements of a child. Comes from the Jethro Tull 1972 'concept' album Thick as a Brick in which a poem by the 8 year old Gerald 'Little Milton' Bostock becomes the focus of controversy.
When the 16 year old Ivorian Souleymane Coulibaly joined Tottenham Hotspur for 2 million pounds he was well Bostocked but has never shown any real promise at top level in the adult league.
by Eschatonic July 06, 2013
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Looking forward to better times or a pick-me-up after the end of something. A portmanteau word contrived from 'eschatology' and 'tonic'.
Eschatology is the study of the various end of times religious beliefs. In some religions the Eschaton is the bringer of the end of times.
In truth his divorce was eschatonic.
by Eschatonic July 06, 2013
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