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Lebron is a slang word for "blow" which is a slang word for cocaine. Prior to the start of the basketball game, Lebron James powders his hands and throws it in the air similar to something you would see Al Pacino do in Scarface.
Mo: Last night was wild.

Krackis: Oh yea? What'd ya get into?

Moseph: I partied with Lebron...

Krackis: Lebron keeps the party going all night.
by Enlicensed One May 09, 2009

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When you tell someone to contact you via facebook. Usually told to someone that is your facebook "friend" but someone you do not communicate with enough to have his/her number.
Friendude: Hey Alan, how's it going?

Guy: Hey man.

Friendude: We should hang out sometime.

Guy: Yea, facebook me.

Friendude: Cool!
by Enlicensed One September 03, 2009

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The act a young child or sensitive person does when something potentially crude or inappropriate is about to be shown. The specific action is simply covering the eyes to shield the lewdness.
Dude: Yo, check out these monkey brains between my legs?

Dude's unsuspecting girlfriend: What?

Dude's Friend: You might want to Eyemuff it.

Dude's Unsuspecting GF: Eyemuffs?

Ewww gross... Though they do really look like a monkey's brain.
by Enlicensed One May 07, 2009

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When someone's eyes are extremely blue.
Guy: Damn girl... you're pretty.

Girl: Thanks.

Guy: Your eyes are so blue. You have some sexy nazi blue eyes.

Girl: Ummm thanks.
by Enlicensed One October 25, 2009

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When a snowboarder gets aroused from the epic weather and other snowboarding conditions. In addition, if a fellow boarder does a totally awesome 1080 rodeo flip, that could lead to a snowboner.
Bro: Dude, we got like 12 feet of snow last night. It's awesome bro. I'm going to triple backflip on my first run. You see all the snow on the mountains brah?

Brah: Bro, your story just gave me a snowboner.
by Enlicensed One February 11, 2010

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When you're eating (usually carelessly) and you spill food on your shirt. Best example is when you're eating chocolate ice cream and it drips on your white shirt (also when you spill a drink on your shirt/pants). Always is an embarrassing moment and you usually don't notice it until someone calls it out.
Cool guy: Dude, check out this really sick Abercrombie & Fitch white polo I just bought.

Friend: Nice! Hey you want some chocolate ice cream on a cone?

Cool guy: Shit yea I do!
(Spills as he eats then goes and chats it up with a hot chick)

Friend: Dude... fail... That's a gnarly Fat Kid Stain on your shirt!

Cool Guy: Dammit you delicious ice cream!
by Enlicensed one June 03, 2010

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When a snowboarder is aroused from epic snowboarding conditions.
Bro: Brah, we got like 9 feet of snow last night. Today is super sunny and perfect. I'm going to shred the halfpipe while rocking my epic goggles. Epic conditions! Did you see all the snow on the mountains brah?

Brah: I just got a snowboner.
by Enlicensed One February 11, 2010

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