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An insane money laundering Jew.
Dylan: My ex is a psychopath + a Kike.. Tiff was a kikeopth.
Kyle: Why do all the big tittied ones have to be SUCH a Shilock?
by EminentDeputySparkon October 11, 2010

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To bergner is to have an adult hissy-fit... the word WAHHHHH! may come out of the persons mouth. This type of person usually drives some kind of faggy car like a miata or a jetta, and like to watch Titanic and cut himself. it may also mean to insert a mans genitalia into ones mouth then give them a Hot Cleveland Steamer.
Kyle: God I hate that fag, he really pisses me off.
Dylan: Dont let him get to you, he is just a stupid bergner
by EminentDeputySparkon February 17, 2010

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A person who is a good for nothing lazy kike, who has a car but never drives anywhere because he/she wants to save money on gas in order to smoke more weed. This word may also refer to a person who deals dirt weed.
Sam: God why does that gurney even have a car?
Mike: I dont know bro, wanna put 5 on a blunt?
by EminentDeputySparkon October 27, 2010

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