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a person, place or thing that is extremely sexxi. basically anything or anyone i like at the time
by Emi May 20, 2005
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One of the best characters from the Sailor Moon series. She is a sickly girl who is possesed by an evil demon. Theoreticaly she may be almost as powerful as sailor moon.
Sailor Saturn isn't gothic...
by Emi August 16, 2004
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dude: suck my big cock
girl: what the fuck dats a one inch grinch
by Emi March 13, 2004
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A cool Japanese band that did a couple songs for the anime beck. They are usually seen wearing digitized drawings of themselves as masks. They have a sense of humor. Their videos tend to be funny. If you're sick of visual kei type jrock check them out. They have fun upbeat tunes that have a bit of a popish feel without being pop.
They have an American release out called All You Can Eat.
The band consist of:
Vocal/Guitar: Hidaka
Bass: Umu
Drums: Araki
Keyboard: Thai
I had Hit in America by the Beat Crusaders stuck in my head all day.

The video for Feel was hilarious.
by Emi January 25, 2006
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a chipmunk shaped dildo..used by guys who cant get it up.usually a live chipmunk.cn also be used as an insult.
1) if you cnt get it up AGAIN...just use a chippawa

by Emi December 20, 2004
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A female fan with an obession over anime and video game characters, or over real people like the Orlando Bloom or the guys in simple plan. Some may go as far to create cults, fanlistings, and shrines. Contrary to popular belief, not all fangirls are unatractive. Many, especially those who cosplay, actually look semi-normal or even pretty in normal settings. There are some fat and ugly ones, but not every fangirl is. They also enjoy writing fanfiction or drawing fanart. Anime and video fangirls have a habit of glomping.
anime/video game fangirl(online)
Fangirl: *Glomps* Kawaii!! OMG I love Vash. He is so uber hot!!

anime/video game fangirl(real life)
Fangirl: Lookie!! I just got the new Final Fantasy game!! And look I also got this totally kawaii plushie of Kurama! Kurama is my god!

real person fangirl(they scare me)
Fangirl: OMG I need more Orlando Bloom pictures. I must have them! I need more for my locker. Give them to me. If you don't give me some I shall kill you!!! ARG!!!
by Emi August 2, 2004
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a name that mean love, beauty, and grace
Derya is a reli nice name.
by Emi March 6, 2005
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