20 definition by Emeasoba George

Avarice is reprehensible acquisitiveness, excessive and insatiable desire to acquire or possess more wealth, riches or material gain than one needs or deserves. In other words, avarice is the highest level of greed or greediness. -Emeasoba George
Avarice is synonymous with Greediness.
by Emeasoba George June 15, 2018

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Immortality is defined as the indefinite continuation of a person's existence even after death. In other words, it is a never-ending existence, regardless of whether or not the body dies. I mean, it is the state of being able to live perpetually. -Emeasoba George
Immortality is synonymous with eternity.
by Emeasoba George April 15, 2018

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A person who shares his or her words of Motivation with others. Anyone who motivates or stimulates others to take action or to pursue and realize a dream, vision or aspiration is a Motivator. -Emeasoba George
Zig Ziglar cab be called a Motivator
by Emeasoba George May 14, 2018

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Vain glory is nothing else but excessive pride, regard, trust, hope, admiration or dependence in one's own or someone else's riches, wealth, social status, family background, qualification, beauty, handsomeness or stuffs like that. Vain glory is synonymous with Vanity. -Emeasoba George
Arrogance is Vain glory personified.
by Emeasoba George March 06, 2018

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Fallibility is simply defined as state of being capable of making mistakes or being wrong sometimes. In other words, it is the tendency to make mistakes or to be wrong sometimes. -Emeasoba George
Fallibility is synonymous with errancy.
by Emeasoba George June 17, 2018

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An exaggerated sense of one’s own value or importance. -Emeasoba George
Self-Importance is synonymous with arrogance.
by Emeasoba George June 09, 2018

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Death is a transition from mortality (physical world) into immortality (afterworld). -Emeasoba George
Death is unavoidable.
by Emeasoba George March 08, 2018

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