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a dead mans alternative to viagra
the corpses has gone through rigamortis.
by elric21 October 28, 2004

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one who practices any of the four levels of lavaliering, (the act of writing your greek letters on a lavaliese with your liquid energy: see also brand, branding, greeked, greeking); a lavalier is inherently an energy giver, (see also liquid energy, friction generator)

The four lavalier levels are:

What LL are you?
"Pssh, bro, you're just an lavalier level journeyman. Don't brag til you're at least an LL artisan."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012

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To put your letters on a girl. While this normally involves the impermanent, like a necklace, and symbolizes pre-pre-marriage, (see dating), the lavalier is a time honored tradition with application outside of jewelry, (see brand, branding, greeked, greeking).
Similar to branding, the apprentice, (beginner, novice), to lavaliering uses any digit, (fingers or toes), immediately available to recent ejaculate and draws one's letters on the lavaliese, (girl to be lavaliered or girl receiving lavaliering). Practice enhances speed and potential for success: success elevates practitioners.
Journeyman: The lavalier uses his lesser mind, (dick), instead of digits to draw his letters on lavaliese(s). Success, (difficult, especially on a girl prepared for tomfoolery), prepares one for artisan level lavaliering.
The artisan uses no hands, only epic, full body engagement of drawing upon the lavaliese: fantastically difficult, this is the last step before mastery.
Mastery: the lavaliese, knowledgeable of intent and willing, (who must be sober for lavalier to be considered a master), takes your love truncheon and draws your letters herself...on herself...on behalf of the now master lavalier.
The master lavalier can lavalier any girl at any of the 4 levels of lavaliering, and is likely to have a chair position in any brotherhood.
(Highly recommended one does not use these words if one aims to be a master. Simplicty withholds mastery from the undeserving.)

Lavalier: "Oh baby I love you so much and if you love me you'll take my schtick and greek yoself."

Lavaliese: "Oh baby I love you so much let me get that fo you."

- Lavaliese takes recently spent friction generator and applies the liquid energy to her body in form of lavalier's intensely meaningful greek letters: a win for every brother.

(Jewelry is of a moment; the lavalier lasts forever. (The act itself, not every lavalier (read energy giver) lasts as long as every other))
by Elric21 March 14, 2012

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