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A greedy person who is either a follower of the Jewish faith or a Jew by birth who lacks a conscience and morals regarding business deals and/or investments to the point of being a criminal. "Myer Lansky was a dirty Jewish gangster. However Bernie Madoff was an even dirtier Jew in that he presented himself as a legitimate business man who could procure exceptional returns on investments for retirement funds, businesses and even charites. What's more is that Bernie even embezzled money primarily from Jewish charities. Now that's one dirty Jew when even other Jews call him a "Dirty Jew."
That dirty Jew made it sound so good but in the end he was just taking me for as much as he could. It's my own fault for trusting a "Dirty Jew."
by elove September 27, 2012
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To act in anyway that pisses you off... Anything you want it to be
"Bobby your so fucking alvernate"
by Elove September 04, 2006
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