tldr - cringe culture is bullying people for their interests when it doesn't harm you at all, just because you think it's "cringe"

cringe culture refers to the online culture of bullying/berating people for associating with/identifying with/liking things that they think are "cringy".
the most oftenly targeted things/communities include furries, bronies, emos/scenekids, and lgbtq+ identities such as nonbinary & xenogenders.
cringe culture is also rooted in ableism as it often consists of ppl making fun of autists for their hyperfixations/special interests and using words like "autistic kid" and the r-slur in a demeaning way. (yes, r3t4rd is a slur. i can say it here reclaiming bc i have autism but just know it's a slur.)

the "cringe culture is dead" movement refers to embracing ones "cringyness" and basically saying "stop bullying ppl for their interests/who they are, as long as they aren't harming you there's nothing wrong with it."

additionally, "counter culture" refers to a community of countering cringe culture by openly being "cringe", whether that be drawing rainbowy furries in ms paint, dressing in typical emo fashion, decorating their profile with pastel sparkles, being openly queer, etc and showing off whatever they like, in spite of cringe culture.
(example 1)
cringe culture participant: "eww you like sparklecare hospital AND you use star/starself, stfu ion kno how to take smack from THE cringe master™ 💀💀💀"
random person who was just minding stars business: "ok, and...? cringe culture is dead."

(example 2(
cringe culture participant: "sparklecare hospital is cringy as fuck, i hate anyone who likes that shit"
me: "berating people for their interests is just dumb, cringe culture is dead."
by xxnoivyxx August 14, 2022
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