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Beautiful and energetic no matter whats going on. Gorgeous, long dirty blonde/brown hair and wonderfully amazing hazel eyes. Her smile shines so bright and never dissapears. Also has the best style and wears everything perfectly.
Damn. Did you see Shuba walkin' down the street?!
by Kate Godberson February 06, 2014
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1. Combining excessive drinking with a good mood resulting in a flirty free loving and better you
2. Another name for ya boo
Yoo lets pop champagne and get shubaaaa tonight!
"Ayyy shuba what's gooood"
by Effayyy November 20, 2008
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The worst curse word in the English and Jewish Dictionary. Used by NAZI soldiers to make fun of the little man in the showers. When yelled the word 'shuba' will turn heads and put a look of confusion and entisement onn to the listeners face.It is also known to be the Nazi's N word and they are strictly offended when other races use it, but its cool if they call eachother it.
'Hows it hangin my shuba?' 'Wat the f**k did you just call me jew?'
by Nazi/Jewish literature September 14, 2008
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An alcoholic drink made with Smirnoff Ice and Guinness, Smirnoff added first, half a pint, swiftly followed by Guinness which makes for a refreshing two-tone drink best consumed with a straw, which enables the drinker to take in both beverages at once. Unless of course your friend is a shady bastard and just consumes the entire serving of Smirnoff, leaving you with half a pint of Guinness (yes Liam Bancroft, you know what I'm talking about). Place of Birth - Festival Hall
Pour me a Shuba!!!!

Seal you total bastard, look what you did to my Shuba!
by newcth January 31, 2006
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