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THE LAST WORD IN THE DICTIONARY! The science of fermentation, fool.
"OMG I read the dictionary and it ended with the word 'zymurgy'. WOAH.

by Earfetish August 17, 2004

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1. "Gaying up" is one of those phrases that works on the various pejorative meanings of gay, in this instance to mean screwed up or not functioning correctly to some degree. This works forwards from the traditional belief that there is something inherently messed up about homosexuality and extends the definition of 'gay' accordingly.

Therefore, to gay something up is to ruin or corrupt it, especially through socially unpleasant or malicious behaviour, and for something to become 'gayed up' is for it to work to a less than satisfactory level, especially due to faulty wiring or some other internal defect.

Of course, there is little homophobic intent in the use of these words.

2. "Gaying up" can also be used as one of those phrases that works on the stereotypical aspects of gayness. If a club, or room, or 30-minute television show, is 'gayed up', it will undoubtedly have one of the following: flashing lights, colourful streamers, loud, bassy trance music, a disco ball, leather, bondage accessories, pastel colours, Liza Minelli, some camp bastard, mincing, open Hawaian shirts, YMCA by The Village People and various other things that a more politically-correct society might associate with homosexuality and sexual liberation in its friendlier stereotyping, and the kind of things homosexuals should probably try to distance themselves from.

Similar in definition to sexed up, in that it's made spicier, but gayed up is less likely to refer to lying in political documents to cajole a country to war. A 'gayed up' dossier would probably contain copious 'oohs' and 'doesn't that sound lovely?'
1. "Fucking Hell, why did you invite Ronan Keating to my party? He's sitting around singing stupid acoustic songs, drinking Strongbow straight from the bottle, and insisting we all watch Narnia. He's totally gayed the whole thing up."

"I'm very sorry I got cut off, your majesty, but my mobile 'phone is gaying up."

2. "Join us for a gayed-up version of David Letterman, tonight, where Letterman will wear shorts and the short guy with the band will be kitted out in a gimp costume. And it'll be very colourful too, and we'll probably change the theme-tune to something slightly demeaning towards gays."
by Earfetish June 24, 2006

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omg HOT PISS!!1!

Ctiger pwns all. Ctiger is teh pwning m4573r.

To be a ctiger is to be ub3r-1337.

omgf j00 r a ctiger bcos j00 pwned all. HOT PISS!!1
by Earfetish November 21, 2004

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A baghead who listens to heavy metal. This comes from the corner-cutting logic that dictates that a bag would be a bin, if it was made out of metal. Therefore, a metal baghead is a binhead.
"Look at that smackhead listening to Slayer!"

"Yeah, man. What a binhead."
by Earfetish December 14, 2004

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A desperado is a kind of joint. When someone runs out of weed, with little hope of weed in the immediate future, they may opt to roll and smoke a desperado, which is a joint made up of all the joint-ends in the ashtray, the scrapings-out of all the weed baggies lying around, and pretty much all the weed from everywhere that there might be weed.

It's never really worth it - it's normally completely minging, and it can be a bit of an effort finishing off a desperado because it is the pinnacle of horrible. It might get you a tiny bit stoned, but you'll probably be so miserable after smoking something so horrible that you'll want to die.

Actually, fuck it. It's always worth it.
Dear Diary,

It's been eighteen hours since I ran out of weed. I've been in a cold sweat for forteen of them, and I've already clawed out my left eye. The only thing I can think of doing is smoking a desperado, although it'll make my fingers smell, half of it will be ash, and I probably wont get stoned at all. But at least it's something to do!

I'm sinking deeper and deeper into withdrawal. I NEED A DESPERADO NOW.

Signing off,

John Major.
by Earfetish August 13, 2005

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