4 definitions by EYAL5555

How you say the word penis in Hebrew but too lazy to change the language/
Adi: Yesterday I saw Asaf's bulbul and it was tiny
Eyal: Why would you look at Asaf's bulbul?
Adi:*licks lips* you know why ;)
Eyal: Don't ever lick my lips again.
by EYAL5555 August 28, 2019
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Another word for God, but much stronger.
Cassuto is the reason we are alive at this very moment, he is our leader, and we love him.
Whatever you do, do NOT compare him to x, because no one liked him and we all love Cassuto. (x met lol)
He also has a very large penis.
Adi: Cassuto! Cassuto! Cassuto Cassuto Cassuto!
Eyal: Who is Cassuto?
Adi: He is god, but better. KEN CASSUTO KEN!
Eyal: omg.... he is the great cassuto! THE LEGEND IS TRUE!
by EYAL5555 November 25, 2019
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A guy that can't complete the game "Getting Over It" , takes 6 months to complete "Portal 2" and has the reflexes of a dead cat but extremely handsome.
Eyal: It's easy just do this easy jump in Getting Over It!
Adi: But I am a loser like x met lolololol xd I am an AdiAlon
Asaf: one of my kids escaped from the basement has anyone seen him?
by EYAL5555 May 10, 2020
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That moment when x is dead lol because no one liked him
like for real he was a fucking gay faggot cunt.
also, he died lol what a loser
Eyal: Shit I died!
Adi: Like that rapper that no one liked aahhh what's his name again.. X!!!
Eyal: Yea that loser rapper xxxtentacion
Adi: lol x met
by EYAL5555 November 09, 2019
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