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Someone who has the marks/scratches/scars on their arms that would cause someone to see them as a emo cutter. The person of course may not be an Emo cutter, but just have the arms that look as though they are.
That guy looks like he has emo arms but really he was just out in the weeds and got all scratched up.
by E Dellz July 13, 2009

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The act of putting your hand either in front of the penis or under the vagina to intercept piss as it flows out. A warm to mildly hot sensation may follow.
"Its freezing out here Elyssa.. Can you piss in my hand to prevent frostbite?"
by E Dellz July 06, 2009

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Running around crazily with cake.
"Yo esay, look over der at dat loco wit the cake."
by E Dellz July 06, 2009

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Someone who thinks that they are better than they are at something. The person tends to embarrass them self when they fall short of the expectations people have come to expect from the way they have been acting.
That douche just failed miserably in the race. He was so overly confident that he forgot he actually sucks.
by E dellz July 23, 2009

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A think fleece jacket with a hood that zips up. Marketed by Hollister Co.
"Hey Deb, thats a nice beach fleece"

"Yeah! I got it from Hollister the other day!"
by E Dellz August 01, 2009

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