4 definitions by Dylan Bleier

A member of the tea party who is also a hillbilly. Teabillies are often angry, ignorant, god-fearin', bible thumpin', science-denyin', gun-totin', GOP-talkin'-point-parrotin' racist homophobic misogynists. Highly susceptible to Obama derangement syndrome.
Obama: "Let me be clear..."
Me: "Wow, Skeeter sure is a bona fide teabilly!"
by Dylan Bleier March 8, 2014
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frustration + outrage; first coined by The Onion.
Citizens expressed their frustrage at the delays.
by Dylan Bleier November 2, 2013
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Slang used to blame real problems on the ineffectual Republican-obstructed Congress.
Coined during the 2013 government shutdown. Used literally, as opposed to the sarcastic "thanks Obama."
The NSF, NIST, NASA, NIH, FDA, EPA, etc were shut down, we lost around 300,000 jobs and $24 billion from the economy – thanks, Congress!
by Dylan Bleier November 2, 2013
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