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Often hailed as one of the top rock acts to come from Scotland in recent years, been on the underground radar for most of their career & still to this year (early 2011) are quite unknown despite working their arses off.
Achieved moderate commercial fame from the use of their song ''many of Horror'' being covered by X-Factor winner matt cardle.
Most notable for their time signatures, energetic gigs, Simons screams as he smashes his strings on his guitar during heavier songs, playing topless, thick scottish accents & being very crowd friendly + Simon their singer at times sounding quite like Cobain & Grohl (see ''eradicate the doubt'')
Genre: alt-rock/hardcore/indie
Fan chant: MON THE BIFF

Annoying ''real'' Biffy fans often split the band into ''old biffy & new biffy'' where the latest two Biffy albums (Puzzle & Only revolutions) are seen as new biffy due to their change in record company & apparently a change in their overall sound.

''Theres No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake'' is often seen as the core song to summarise Biffys music as it contains all of their trademarks. ''Bodies In Flight'' in my opinion is another good track to summarise the bands style
Annoying Indie biffy fan: Man Biffy Clyro suck now, only revolutions was so commercial. They have sold-out & changed their sound, ah the good old days of Infinity Land i wish they still made music like that

Die hard biffy fan: Firstly shut the fuck up & secondly I beg to differ the likes of ''Get Fucked Stud/That Golden Rule/Livings A Problem/Cloud Of Stink/Help Me Be Captain'' are still very similar in style to Biffys earlier albums which were gritty rock.
A band doesn't owe it to you to keep pumping out the same type album for their entire career, off with you & go listen to Oasis if thats what you're after & be happy that Biffy produced something you enjoyed.
by Dum1anddum2 March 18, 2011

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*A term that teenagers throw out far too often, the first signs of music snobbery as it immediately entails Hip-hop/dance genres being classed as ''crap music''

**Music that has been played in reality & thus is real music rather than notes on sheets.
Teenager: God this generation sucks for music, i wish i was born in the 70s when they had brilliant rock music everywhere, it was all real music

Me: You are aware every generation has whats known as the ''20 year rule'' where the teenagers wish they were born 20 years ago? & that you'd hate the chart music back then as it consisted of Donny Osmond and other corporate made one hit wonders with the odd exception of good bands, just like today

Teenager: Nuh uh it was all stairway to heaven, & pink floyd & The Doors & ehh bach, really cool bands back in the 70s
by dum1anddum2 March 19, 2011

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*A person looking for a fancy name for their meat restricted diet despite knowing that 99% of people don't have a clue wtf a Pollotarian is & have to explain afterwards.
An easier alternative is to tell a person you only eat chicken/birds & no other meats.

**Can also be a stepping stone to vegetarianism as the individual restricts their meat-intake & slowly over a period of time cuts all meat forms out.

*** Somebody who really enjoys eating polo mints
*Tara: I'm sorry i can't eat that food its not pollotarian
John: i'm sorry what?
Tara: Pollotarian, i don't eat any meats but birds (smug look)

**Tara: I'm limiting myself to just eating chicken for 2 weeks before cutting it out & going vegetarian
John: Oh thats pretty cool

by dum1anddum2 March 18, 2011

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An ancient traditional martial art whose country of origin is regularly debated. Malaysia & Indonesia are the countries that the styles of Silat can be traced back to.
The art like any other traditional art encompasses locks, strikes, weapon work & other cultural aspects such as dances, meditation etc.
Has recently seen a big surge of interest in the western world due to popular martial arts shows showing it & films using techniques or styles from Silat (eg Merintau, Taken).
The art has hundreds of styles each adapted to the terrains & ways of the local areas, Gurus are the ''master''-name for those well versed in the art.

MMA is looking at how to encorporate some the grappling aspects to its competitions, however due to the lethal aspects of Silat often including blades &/or gouging, biting, breaking & shattering, it has to be revised and watered down so as to be legal under MMA rules.
The dutch have a shitty sports version that barely resembles the traditional art & looks more like Taekwondo.
Silat is an art that has only come onto the international stage in the past decade & is still relatively unknown
by dum1anddum2 March 20, 2011

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A korean modern (ie last 200 years) martial art created for military combat.
Unfortunately the martial art has become so popular that it has suffered from a severe case of McDojos & huge increase of the sport version over the traditional art, 10 year old black-belts are far too common & the McDojos are everywhere. The sport version is split into two branches

WTF & ITF where the latter allows boxing methods to be employed. Unfortunately the sport is nearly completely useless for self-defence due to its point-system emphasising high kicks over strategic attack, penalty on aggressiveness in combat & not allowing grappling/clinching which all other sport-arts allow on some level + in WTFs scenario restarts after contact.
There is then the even worse branch ATA which is scam-artists at its best, ATA isn't recognised by the Koreans as a real branch of Taekwondo & ATA refuse to compete in ITF/WTF competitions alongside charging high prices for training.
Traditional Taekwondo is like any other art, a complete system in all aspects with grappling/locks/takedowns & strikes + weapon combat. Unfortunately it is far & few between to come across, Taekwondo is a prime example of what can potentially happen when a martial art is turned into a sport, though this hasn't been the case for many sport-arts such as Judo which is a highly effective system adapted to many police forces.
John: I started ITF Taekwondo, now if anybody tries to beat me up i'll kick them in the face

Jack: You're aware that the high kicks are in most cases NOT the best option especially where you will most likely get attacked ie alleys & crowded clubs? Let alone Taekwondo doesn't prepare you for multiple attackers & the potential for weapons being involved OR escaping if your kick is grappled.
Oh and they also hand out belts like candy in many cases. Do the sport if you want but don't fool yourself John into thinking it will be reliable to use fully in a fight.
by dum1anddum2 March 20, 2011

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