A white mother is a Caucasian woman who is the mother of a child; who will bring those children to a Mexican restaurant, say aloha to the Japanese waitress, then believe herself to be tsar of the black people
They are often times a little over weight and they will wear tight fitting yoga pants despite not knowing what yoga is.
Around 32.41% of white mothers are What is know as a "Karen" and 97% of the Karen class of white mothers will be an anti-vaxxer, and 27.15% of the mothers who are not a Karen will Be and Anti-vaxxer and on that 57.82% of Karen class women are Obese, and they will find it offensive
guy 1: Why is that lady so annoying?
guy 2: She is probably a white mother.
guy 1: ah.
by Duck that makes the americas February 15, 2021
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