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farts alot, but he is popular with the girls,a very good driver. he is a pimp..but gets horney
I feel like hasan
by dub c June 10, 2003

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A man that thinks he is a pimp but only picks up worthless chunk busted hoes.
Cafu, get your penny pimp ass over here and leave that hoe alone
by Dub C August 16, 2004

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1.a stash of puss left at your home between your bitch's legs.
2.something to cut down a lil' bish.
1.gimme that puss stash behotch!
2.shut the fuck up puss stash..
by Dub C November 03, 2003

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to give great head or the act of giving great head.
noun. Man, that broad last night had some good gator.
verb. I gotta let that sexy chick give me some gator tonight.
by dub c May 31, 2004

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Old English High Gravity...
Hook It Up Wit A Slam Of That H Bomb...
by Dub C November 07, 2003

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